Free from religion and legalism

I have been born again around 15 years now. God found me and I had always believed as a child that there was a God, so I can say that God put that in my heart, because I found in the written Word that he did.

So I spent many years going up and down in my faith, and now that I look back, I had as the Bible calls faith, and I got born again and baptised with the Holy Spirit. I ended up getting tied in religion and legalism, so from that day onwards, it just became like a normal way of life like before but with religion. I got to the place where I started to look at other so called faiths, I went to a Catholic church, and saw people kissing statues, which, I knew in my Heart something was not right with that, so I looked in the Bible and saw that this is idol worship. So I got away from that, then I found a Christian church, and found that to be religious too, and on and on it went, so I stopped reading the Bible.

I got to the point where I asked God if this is what it is all about then, I'll just take a back seat then until I get to heaven, then I found myself, reading the Koran, and it didn't take me long to work out, that this is not right either. So I just carried on with normal life, as the normal world was, but there was God tugging me back, so back into the Word, but I was like a yo yo, I was praying, well I thought that's what you call praying always complaining and asking, where again I got to that place of guilt condemnation etc, and said God there is no point me even going out of my house because I'm going to have a bad thought something is going to happen and I will sin, and will have to repent again, again, again, so what's the point?

Then one day I heard God speak to me with his audible voice, “whom the son sets free he is free indeed,” well that was awesome, and this got me digging in the Word, asking for the teacher - the Holy Spirit to help me understand God his kingdom and where do I fit in. I kept digging and on the way, I found myself planting seeds – God’s word in whom now is born again into Gods kingdom, our brother Paul Jack, who I have partnered with in Be Free Ministries, Glory to God amen. And we have been growing in the knowledge and grace of God, and have had Gods word confirmed in our own lives with good health, and blessings, and walking and living in the spirit, and the kingdom of God. So as you will discover, by the teachings of where we were, where we are and where we are going, my relationship with my Heavenly Father is awesome, and walking in the spirit daily with the Holy Spirit is great. He has and is always revealing the truth from the Holy Bible, which is inspired by Him, that's why we have both joined up to found Be Free Ministries, to the Praise and Glory Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior amen.

Denis Mountaine

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