I am a Christian

Brothers and sisters you are so very welcome here. Wherever you are in life, you matter and you have a purpose. Your journey has a purpose and at Be Free Ministries we want to help you become the person God created you to be. One of the main purposes of this ministry is to put strong emphasis on the fact that salvation is a relationship with God which comes from His amazing love and grace for us through His Son Jesus Christ and by us having faith in Him.


Christianity is not a religion; it is a relationship with Jesus. Many Christians have become entangled in religion and legalism since receiving salvation and aren’t experiencing the true freedom which is found in Jesus Christ. We believe this is an important issue to address and one which if overcome has the potential to revolutionise a Christian’s relationship with Christ. If you feel that this may be you check out our page on Legalism.


We are making a lot of material available through this online platform which we hope and pray will be beneficial to you. Our teaching on Spirit, Soul and Body is foundational and by recognising this truth, it has the potential to revolutionise your entire Christian life and will help you to understand your true identity in Jesus Christ. You can find our other Bible teachings, articles and latest news at The Hub. We have an ambitious mission and vision and if you are feeling blessed by what you have seen here then please consider donating to our ministry. Your generosity empowers us to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world so that many more lives can be transformed worldwide.